How we work

Through more than 55 years we have delivered special constructions, and gained a unique know-how. Education, knowledge and experience has led us to understanding our customers´ demands and needs, to perform calculations and construct superstructures of high quality that lasts.

Once customer demands are clarified, any construction begins by our engineers and technicians doing the necessary technical calculations, and draw up a specific structural guidance for the production personnel. This ensures that demands for strength, safety and legislation are adhered to.

Skilled employees and the best materials

Our skilled workers construct the end product according to customer´s demands. At SAWO we have our own educational program, where employees´ competences are continually being evaluated and kept ajour according to new legislations and technologies. We make sure that the end products is long lasting, efficient and has built-in safety features, by using the best materials and components.

Check before delivery, warranty and service

Before delivery to customer we do a thorough check of the job/superstructure. Upon delivery, we instruct in the functions, use and maintenance of the equipment. With delivery we obviously ensure warranty and national service.

Inform us of your demands to a load handling job. We will provide you with a suggestion and a quotation for the most suitable and economical solution. We deliver a product that lives up to your expectation!